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Mostly always write in Rhyme and can usually only write when dealing with a broken heart. Not a very good thing when you've had your heart broken so many times, that you now no longer allow anyone close enough to even warm it up.

Lady_Ahz's Works

Poetry 0000-00-00Shattered
Poetry 0000-00-00Blooms of Despair
Poetry 0000-00-00Heart and Soul
Poetry 0000-00-00Black Rose
Poetry 0000-00-00The Hollow Tower
Poetry 0000-00-00Soul Stealer (a.k.a. The Dance)
Poetry 0000-00-00Little Star
Poetry 0000-00-00Asylum
Poetry 0000-00-00Love Is
Poetry 0000-00-00Setting Sun
Poetry 0000-00-00Lifetime
Poetry 2001-01-04Betrayed
Poetry 0000-00-00Hope's Release
Poetry 0000-00-00Darkness
Poetry 0000-00-00What I Believe In
Poetry 0000-00-00Ode to T.V.
Poetry 1999-10-13Haunted
Poetry 2000-06-13Butterfly Kisses - Haiku
Poetry 2000-05-11Suicide Dream
Poetry 2001-08-15The Flower
Poetry 2001-05-21My Reflection
Poetry 2001-05-14Untitled
Poetry 2001-05-23The Wall
Graphic Art 2003-04-05Compass Kitty
Graphic Art 2003-04-05Purple Flower
Graphic Art 2003-04-08Spazz - Green Eyes
Graphic Art 2003-04-11Reflection in Puddle
Short Story 2003-04-28The Mirror
Poetry 2003-05-02Basic Training
Poetry 2003-05-02Breaking up is Hard to do
Graphic Art 2003-05-18Butterfly Haven IV
Graphic Art 2003-05-18Butterfly Haven V
Graphic Art 2003-07-30Bee on Flower
Graphic Art 2003-08-17Ghosts?
Graphic Art 2003-08-17Ghosts? (close up)
Graphic Art 2004-08-01DP At Hershey Park
Graphic Art 2004-08-01Hershey Park 6
Graphic Art 2004-08-01Hershey Park 6 (not cropped)
Poetry 2004-09-04Afraid To Be Free
Graphic Art 2004-09-14SnowDog
Graphic Art 2004-09-17Neon Compass
Graphic Art 2004-09-18Rock Frog
Graphic Art 2004-09-19Strange Rock Face
Graphic Art 2004-10-06Sleeping In Paper
Graphic Art 2004-10-28Commodus
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