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Part of me is emerald green,
Deranged and curious,
Adventurous and mysterious,
Living and laughing in a world of pure fantasy

But deep inside there's another part,

Charcoal black, like the cover of nightfall
Horrifying and dark,
Murderous and deadly,
Writing stories of torture, terror, and death

Both sides amuse me
Yet I am not crazy.

I've been obsessed with darkness and evil since I was little. It enthralled me. Fun Fact: I used to have stuffed Care Bears and instead of being happy with them I pretended they were trying to kill me. (Weird child, eh?) I enjoy all things twisted and sadistically riddled with pain. I'm always writing stories and poetry - in fact I'm actually in the process of a novel. I think I may be somewhat insane, but all the best people are. (Yes I heard some of that line in Alice in Wonderland, I'm quite a fan) I definitely prefer the sadistic side of things and I'm always creating new forms of torture - even just when looking at everyday objects. My brain sort of composes these things automatically. No, I don't actually want to hurt people - I mean the thought occurs but hey, who hasn't thought of killing the people they hate? Exactly, everyone has thought about it at least once.

BeautifulCorruption's Works

Poetry 2013-01-02Whisper of the Trees
Poetry 2013-01-02Alice
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Poetry 2013-01-10Alice in Dark Wonderland
Poetry 2013-01-10Error
Poetry 2013-01-13Symphonic Screams and Sadistic Murder
Poetry 2013-01-14Game of the Sadist
Poetry 2013-01-16Broken Sociopath
Poetry 2013-01-17Insanity Becomes Me
Poetry 2013-01-18Katheryn
Poetry 2013-01-19Possession
Poetry 2013-01-21Snow White and Self-Harm
Poetry 2013-01-28Cinderella's Revenge
Poetry 2013-02-05Where I'm From
Poetry 2013-02-12This is My Death
Poetry 2013-02-20The Artist
Poetry 2013-02-26Ritual Sacrifice
Poetry 2013-03-14Self-Harmed Self Portrait
Poetry 2013-03-27Only A Child
Poetry 2013-04-01Shattered Glass Girl
Poetry 2013-04-25Dreams
Poetry 2013-05-06The Test
Poetry 2013-05-09Relapse
Poetry 2013-05-14Alas, I Die
Poetry 2013-05-31Loreena
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