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Seventeen, British, interested in anatomy and words and human nature.

I also very much like cheese.

Ribcage's Works

Poetry 2012-12-15Organs
Rant (Personal)2012-12-16Spinal Chords
Poetry 2012-12-16Boned
Poetry 2012-12-18Aorta
Poetry (Love)2012-12-19Your Heart-Beat...
Poetry 2012-12-20The Hollow Throat Society
Poetry 2012-12-23Bacchanal Arrhythmia
Poetry (Love)2012-12-29The Sixth Rib
Poetry 2012-12-30Tendons
Rant (Non-Fiction)2013-01-02Insomnia + Broken Rib = Hospital
Poetry 2013-01-04It's in the marrow.
Poetry (Horror)2013-01-06The Bird Cage Society
Poetry 2013-01-09Heart Strings
Poetry (Tribute)2013-06-02organisms
Poetry 2014-04-15Uncle Drac discovers a treasure chest
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