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My name is Lizzy and I love poetry. I tend to like anything that has to do with reading, especially something that could potentially change my views.

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Poetry 2012-12-13The Mark Of The Dead
Poetry 2012-12-13Draw
Poetry 2012-12-14The Facts
Poetry 2012-12-14Stillborn
Poetry 2012-12-16The War Inside
Poetry 2013-01-12Above The Rest
Poetry 2013-01-12Breathe
Poetry 2013-01-12Communication is Key
Poetry 2013-01-13This Is Just A Dream
Poetry 2013-01-26The Monster Within
Poetry 2013-02-25Not My Problem
Poetry 2013-03-25The Lost Generation
Poetry 2013-04-03Normal
Poetry 2013-05-02Reflection
Poetry 2013-05-02The Looking Glass
Poetry 2013-07-11Willful Ignorance
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