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My name is Coffin.
I thank all people who look and comment on my poems.
And regret it to the moon and back if I have made anyone feel more broken or sad. I only share my thoughts because I cannot handle them for myself. Please do not take my thoughts and join them with yours. Read it and then forget it.

Thank you.

Coffin's Works

Poetry 2012-10-21The Death of I
Poetry 2012-10-21Snow White
Poetry 2012-10-23Forest of dreams
Poetry 2012-12-10How much longer?
Poetry 2013-04-09Worthless
Poetry 2013-04-13Summer Rain
Poetry 2013-04-15My monster, the darkness
Poetry 2013-06-24Summer's Shadow
Poetry 2013-09-28The forgotten
Poetry 2013-09-29The lonely princess
Poetry 2014-03-08To be or not to be
Poetry 2014-10-13Her Real Face
Poetry (Personal)0000-00-00Journey
Poetry 0000-00-00Gluttony
Poetry 0000-00-00Death Wish
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