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A quiet, mature young woman who loves writing both stories and poetry. I am open-minded/hearted and will help, if needed. I love red and anything with red in it... especially blood. Big Edgar Allan Poe fan.
(Anything else you need to know, ask and you 'may' receive.)

~Age is but a number, beauty is but a mask, and both never last. To those who are prideful enough to judge based on age: stick that pride up your rear and be gluttonous, eat your makeup and some flowers, so maybe you'll have beauty on the inside.~

~When the angels laugh,
The demons shall cry,
And the children of man will die
By Mother's sweet wrath.~

~I am a no one, yet someone. I'm nothing but a fleeting dream... or rather a loathed and forgotten nightmare. I am no more real than your feeble and mediocre daydreams. -Sania ~

I will post more when I upgrade, though I don't know when.

TheSatanicGoddess's Works

Poetry (Love)2012-07-19Affection?
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-07-19Where Our Hearts Go
Poetry (Haiku)2012-07-19A Demon's Letter
Poetry (Horror)2012-07-19Chaotic Order
Poetry (Personal)2012-07-21Sania's Lullaby
Poetry (Haiku)2012-07-23Miraven, the Mother
Poetry (Fantasy)2012-07-23The Dark and The Light
Poetry (Personal)2012-07-24The Split-Shaded Child
Poetry (Horror)2012-07-25Song of the Lost Children
Poetry (Rage)2012-07-28Heart-Snatcher
Poetry (Love)2013-01-20Arrow for My Valentina
Poetry (Depressed)2013-02-02Melancholy Melodies
Poetry (Reflective)2013-02-03Ballad of the City That Never Wakes
Poetry (Tribute)2013-02-03The Beloved and the Damned
Poetry (Horror)2013-02-04THEY
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-09The Glass Marionette
Poetry (Fantasy)2013-02-11Mistress of Demons and Angels
Poetry (Tribute)2013-02-13Welcome to Silent Hill
Poetry (Personal)2013-02-15Daughter of Gray
Poetry (Reflective)2013-03-29A Fatal Choice
Poetry (Horror)2013-05-02The Wonderland Massacre
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