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my names chetza, im artistic, funny, and sad at times.... i use poetry to escape, or else life would be harder then it should be, but im happy when im with loved ones, but im not very loved.... I mentioned I love art, I tend to draw sum pretty morbid things... but im not very good



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Poetry 2012-03-16A Loving Lier
Poetry 2012-03-17Taken Emotions
Poetry (Reflective)2012-03-17Broken Wings Get Healed
Poetry 2012-03-17The Truth
Poetry 2012-03-17Can Father Change?
Poetry 2012-03-17blind love
Poetry 2012-03-17a treat
Poetry 2012-03-18Last Sensations
Poetry 2012-03-19Love Kills
Poetry 2012-03-19Hatred Twords You
Poetry 2012-04-04A Never Ending Pain
Poetry (Love)2012-04-28Top Of The Mountain
Poetry (Rage)2012-04-28One Sided Love
Poetry 2013-04-16Think about it
Poetry 2013-04-16Boston..
Poetry 2013-04-18lesbian reminder
Poetry 2013-04-18Heart-Broken Blade
Poetry 2013-04-19When I See Her
Poetry 2013-04-24Your more then the rest
Poetry 2013-04-25Leaving my first?....
Poetry 2013-04-26cutting the heart
Poetry 2013-04-29What do i tell my future kids?
Poetry 2013-04-30Beneath the surface
Poetry 2013-05-01define beauty
Poetry 2013-05-29I want us
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