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I have finally recouped from my surgery. I will try to add more titles soon. I have also finally completed my own website. Please see below:

"Don't be afraid of the dark; just be aware of it..." Darkness and bad things are all around us, all the time. Fear is what they want us to feel. But when we fear something, we lose a little more strength. So no matter what darkness appears before you, face it and become stronger. That way, you are aware of the dark, but you're not afraid of it.
Four of the poems listed below (Wolfpack, Three Feet, Summoning, & Flock) are part of my published book of 18 dark poems titled Nightfall: The Darker Side Of Poetry.

I also have a book of 13 short horror stories published titled The Dark Playground. I hope you will check them out and I hope you like my works.

For much more information about my published books and to find out a little bit more about me, please visit my website:

Duane Barton's Works

Poetry (Personal)2007-09-14Wolfpack
Poetry (Love)2007-10-13Three Feet
Poetry (Love)2012-03-07Suffocate
Poetry (Spiritual)2012-03-20Summoning
Poetry (Horror)2012-03-22Flock
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