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I love words and have alwys used them as therapy. Confusion, pain and the many little joys and sorrows of life seem to crystalize and make a little more sense when I put them to paper. It is not always an easy or pretty process but in the end it saves me.

Some of these works are old (I have resisted the urge to "fix them"). Many are very recent. They are all who and what I am or, more likely, will become.

LostInTime's Works

Poetry (Reflective)2010-12-01If she were here
Poetry (Reflective)2010-12-01The new morning
Poetry (Love)2010-12-01If
Poetry (Fiction)2010-12-03Drunken Oral
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-12-03Ebb tide
Poetry (Love)2010-12-03Love (Elusive Butterfly)
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-12-03Twilight
Poetry (Love)2010-12-04Silent Stars
Poetry (Love)2010-12-04Lies
Poetry (Adult)2010-12-04Unsaddled Love
Poetry (Love)2010-12-05No
Poetry (Personal)2010-12-05Carvings
Poetry (Personal)2010-12-05Now I lay me down
Poetry (Depressed)2010-12-07I thought one night
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-12-08Deliverance
Poetry (Love)2010-12-08The lovers come
Poetry (Personal)2010-12-11Pieces
Poetry 2010-12-12Winter
Poetry (Personal)2010-12-12Silence World
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-12-13Untitled
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-12-18Silent Bird Calls
Poetry (Personal)2010-12-18This woman
Poetry (Love)2010-12-26Share with me
Poetry (Reflective)2010-12-26World State
Poetry (Philosophical)2010-12-26Doesn't Matter
Poetry (Fantasy)2011-08-23Flight
Poetry (Philosophical)2011-08-23Life
Poetry (Love)2011-09-03There shall be love
Poetry (Love)2011-09-18A Love Story
Poetry (Reflective)2011-10-15Evening Tide
Poetry (Philosophical)2011-10-15Forest of Night
Poetry (Personal)2019-12-23Father on the wall
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