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I'm Chica I was brought to this site by my sister after she discovered my poetry she said they were nice and i should share them with people who wouldn't think i was insane or weird I like everything from pink to black from Blood to rain I'm always the one people turn to when they are faced with a problem but i dont' do that i get lost in a world all my own and i guess i want to join so other can see it and all my hard work...This is the most recent poem to date I hope you enjoy it...


Voices in my head scream
Some never see the light of day
While others refues to be suppressed
I don't know what to do
I don't know what to say
The blood of those who have not yet gone Scream
"help me only you can help me"
and i twist and turn running from their grasp
heading nowhere
I try to fight but only to go in
I get sucked into this thin
Shead of light only to find
it was my eyes playing tricks on me...


I don't want what i have
I don't understand
why they choose me
the little girl who can't see
as i sit here and think
watching the blood of the apple leak
I have to stop to think
why its me
I think and think till my mind goes numb
I can't stop the processes
Don't even bother to try
there are others out there
who would kill for this "gift"
all i see is a "curse"
as i step out of my box
into a world more clear
I can see what they see
and what i see is nothingness
and thats what they want...

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