San Bernardino Police Shooting

By Soulfire

I woke up to a horrible news story this morning
The video clip even came with a warning

"The video you are about to see may disturb you"

The video begins at the end of a police chase
I understand excess violence for violent offenders, but this wasn't the case

The passenger was a soldier returned from Iraq, he was not the driver
This twenty-one year old man is a true survivor

A Police officer shouts "get down on the ground"
Compliance, no argument found

He is still yelling the tension is high
The soldier shouts "hey, I'm on your side"

"Get up, get up" the cop bellows back
It is in this instance that the officer attacked

The soldier moves slowly, hands in the air
This didn't matter he was still shot three times, he needs our prayer

His name is Ellio Carion
and luckly his life goes on

How about the cop in San Bernardino
He was given "paid leave" wouldn't you know

Cops are not above the law and they need to be treated so
If I shot a man, on me a PAID vacation, they would not bestow

*Never forget the sacrifice these soldiers have made
*When they come home, is this how they are to be repaid?

THIS IS A TRUE STORY PLEASE GO TO: and click on the video clip entitled "Blaze of Gunfire"


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© 2006 Soulfire
Published on Wednesday, February 1, 2006.     Filed under: "Non-Fiction" and "Poetry"
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  • island warrior On Tuesday, February 7, 2006, island warrior (215)By person wrote:

    The authorities are so crazy with power it is scary

  • A Burning God On Wednesday, February 1, 2006, A Burning God (47)By person wrote:

    that doesn't sound very night, but this world has some really messed up people, not to mention the way that things are handled here are really FUCKED up....

  • A former member wrote: police atrocity # countless + 1...not to make light of it, but that is why I avoid them at all is very much a license to kill. thank you for the enlightening and skillful post

  • A former member wrote: i didn't hear about this..i live in san bernadino that's sad.

  • A former member wrote: this kind of stuff happens in san bernadino all the time..shootings, cop atrocity, and so on. san bernadino is such a bad area. and the police are horrible, yes..but i don't see that they'll change anytime soon, no matter how outraged everyone is..

  • A former member wrote: even though s.b. county is the largest in california (if i'm not mistaken) hardly anyone pays attention to it, because most are concentrating on L.A. cops. it's really sad.

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