We Come

By Silver Spectre

We Come  


And he sees Her wave, rise and fall.  

Above the violence of all the waves, 

gently conveying Hellos and a Goodbye. 

He watches the Wind take control of the indifference  

she once entertained to a remembrance lost. 

Feels the winds without sin with caressing ways,  

invisibly pulling on her clothes, and attention, 

around her body and direction in obedience. 

Her new Duality, working in tandem chaos Innate. 

As another wind comes around and liquefies with the heir wetness, 

of a wanting heated breath fumbling smoothly, 

crashing through her hair from the other side of Hate.  

He visions the Sea Birds, gliding in circular Patterns, 

from the opposing sides of these working elementals, 

through their delicate feathers and upon their underneath,  

Feathered hairs in flight together with the strength, 

a fist punching the below, 

for the sake of a higher calling while still in purpose, 

maintaining distance in closeness. 

These free birds in, on, and around her voyage, below her stars, 

the Highest Ordination of Blue this world knows, 

that conceals their Starry light from those confined in plight. 

Like the blue of her eyes conceals with a smile 

 her surreptitious thoughts of a former life, just departed yesterday. 

Those same invisible hands pushing pulling taking her, while something  

deeper, guided by another's Heart 

 sails to her, journeys to where she should be. 


He knows it's not true, but he sees the calamity unfolding 

as the weight of the horizon plunges her wheels of life 

portrayed just now in front of him out of site. 

The vessel with her passengers sinks into illusion 

Dissolve the Spear of Destiney from his side 

And his cross to bear forever remains, forever in allusion 


 He knows it's true but does not see. 

In that instant the faint scents of an evanescence 

consuming the tethers and chains 

 of that which he tied and laid To a higher falling in kind  

 an ascension from the depths  

A perilous dive made of will,  

into an unforgiving, deep make-believe 

Of another wrecked, stolen, and vandalized.  

Dirt drowned, landlocked, and lost at sea 

in the murky layers of disbelief. 

We Come

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Copyright 2023 Michael Tabor
Published on Sunday, January 1, 2023.     Filed under: "Spiritual" and "Poetry"
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  • Lux On Monday, January 2, 2023, Lux (297)By person wrote:

    Okay, holy shit, where did you come from? This is going to stay with me a while.

  • Silver Spectre On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, Silver Spectre (85)By person wrote:

    From some music in the 80s I think

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