By Soulfire

I finally learned to love you and put your happiness first
I'm so sorry you're the one that I'd always treat the worst
You poured out your love on everyone around you
And all I did was reinforce that your insecurities were true
You make others smile, laugh, feel loved, and that they're enough
But I constantly reminded you that you were weak and not tough

You told them they were pretty, smart, and kind
I told you that you were ugly, dumb, and blind
I treated you the worst and emptied your soul
Then I wondered you were cracking and didn't feel whole

To not love you is to not love me
Because we are one in the same you see
So, me, I am sorry for taking and taking all these years
Me, I am sorry for adding to your tears
Me, you are worthy of joy, peace, love, and I was wrong
Me, you're not weak at all, in fact, you are strong
You saved yourself many times when your world fell apart
You love others fiercely with every piece of your broken heart

So, Me, stand tall and be proud of every crack and flaw
I now promise to only deposit kindness and never withdraw

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Copyright 2022 Soulfire
Published on Friday, January 7, 2022.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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