Riding The Rail


Who would believe that little girl with pigtails was you
Sitting on that rail fence along the road without the slightest clue
Watching the comings and goings of everyone along that route
A hunger to know what their worlds could possibly be about
Workers piled upon the back of trucks appear to be enjoying life more
Even after twelve hours of work they couldn’t possibly understand sore
The soreness that haunts a body when the attacks never relent
The riding of the rails on an endless road in a mind that’s bent
Watching bales of hay with twine bond taunt on their journey
Remembering your binding and your struggles to get free
Everyone passing by sees the big beautiful house and pretty red barn
But venture no closer, they all consider themselves forewarned
Never any guest, the world with it’s joy and laughter stops here
There’s a sever penalty to be paid for trying to bring any happiness near
But then he started passing, sometimes on a bike, but usually walking
You had already been warned to wave hello but no talking
But there was a kinship as he scurried back and forth along his way
Head always held down, dressed in clothes that had surely seen better days
The long pants and shirts told you that yes this one knew hurt
Without warning and unable to stop it, Hello” was one day suddenly blurted
“Hello” was returned as he hid his face even more while picking up pace
The next day you anticipated his arrival and hello was exchanged with a lingering trace
Punishment was dealt out but nothing could hurt the times you both smiled
The first time that he stopped and shared some candy, staying for a while
Names were exchanged, certain things didn’t need saying
Chained to this rail allowing no thoughts of straying
And him always scurrying away, to not be late could be heard as he prayed
But oh the pleasure in the little time that he stayed
Tell me are you the little girl that sat alongside the road
The one that rode the rail all day praying for something to hold
If you are then I’m that boy that would stop sometimes with candy to share
The one that always climbed on to that rail and told you that I cared    

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Copyright 2021 I IS ME
Published on Saturday, November 6, 2021.     Filed under: "Abuse" and "Poetry"
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