They know what they did, it can never be taken back
Here we are hiding behind the tree line on the railroad tracks
Both of us shivering as we clutch together sharing one jacket
Sharing a love that must remain secret for fear they will attack it
But here in the darkness, this is our secret place
This is our only opportunity to ever give love a taste
With you crying on my chest as my tears roll atop your head
We are two of the living forced to walk among the dead
Both no more than thrift store puzzles in taped up boxes
In between wanted and discarded, missing pieces from both boxes
The only love that we’ve found has been in each other’s box
But we’re so unaccustomed to love the pieces doesn’t fit outside of our own box
They know what they did putting the weight of the universe on us
Then piling on it’s negativity and pain while teaching us not to trust
They did this creating works of art intentionally flawed
They committed crimes against us that the universe had outlawed
In the name of secrecy and under the cover of night
They came to us both lying on trust and what they were doing was right
Destroying our innocence, with the taking and the abusing blinding our way
With no wheres to go, forced to endure Hell if we wanted to stay
So we escaped to the tracks and try to force our pieces to fit  together
This jacket is the only truth we know as it protects us from the weather
The universe has promised us both love and truth, we’re told to wait they’re not far
But as we look up we know our place, it’s that blackness between the stars  

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Copyright 2021 I IS ME
Published on Saturday, November 6, 2021.     Filed under: "Abuse" and "Poetry"
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