The Little Rose


An Orenda blew onto a Little Rose recreating her in a dream
As forceful as a cosmic wind and as intricate as a Roses many seams
With her hair trailing like the deepest of outer space
The Moon eclipses the Sun just to see her face

The Stars all plead and compete to hang about her neck
As Saturn gifted her two of it’s rings out of love and respect
Destiny hid it’s eyes as she bathed in Europa’s bath
As she spied Destiny peeking they both shared a laugh

Laughter that warmed even Pluto’s dark and cold heart
Mars regained life and beauty claiming that he loved her from the start
Venus bowed her head as the Orenda moved the Rose on by
By executing the natural spin turn, she displayed 55 Cancri E in her eyes

Jupiter overstepped Aster Heras in pursuit of the Little Rose’s hand
Saturn attempted to out race Mercury to meet her demands
Neptune puled out her chair as Earth sat the table for a feast
The Little Rose gave Uranus one of Saturn’s rings and encircle the frosty beast

The Orenda moved through out the galaxy as everyone sat down to eat
It’ seemed so mystical for the Little Rose to finally know peace
Hearts were going super nova with everyone living instead of dying
It was as if in a dream, the Orenda and The Little Rose watched them all dining  

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Copyright 2021 I IS ME
Published on Saturday, May 22, 2021.     Filed under: "Fantasy" and "Poetry"
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