She was more than a wildfire ripping her way across the prairie
The animals knew to get out of her way, never having seen anything so scary
With flames leaving death and destruction, never looking back at her past
Hahaha flames blazing a trail like a Lady with the perfect ass

Whether I be mesmerized by her beauty or blinded by her light
For whatever reason I a mere cactus, I’m still grounded in awe and fright
Though barren, all of the creatures that once comforted now seek an escape
While I stare into her eyes relishing the thought of being brutally raped

Her heat burns with such an intensity, her flames are dam near invisible
Love being so fleeting in this desert court it’s inadmissible
Separated by a ravine, with the both of us longing for the other’s touch
My fuel and her need for more, in the heat of the moment is to much

Forced to bridge the gap in her pursuit of what she truly needs
A lesser being would had sought the safety of the ravine before feeding her greed
But I’m mesmerized by her beauty, there is a rainbow dancing in her mane
Her voice is a raging roar, rolling, hypnotizing, a continuous repeat of my name

From across the gap acicular spines grouped forming areoles smoldering from her tongue
My cuticle blisters and boils causing my cladode to rise and round for erotic fun
I’m floccose not glabrous, so my areoles singe and ignites even down there
I lived it so I’ll die “Saguara Gigantea” as she becomes my very air

Engulfed in her essence, from deeply embedded roots to my pericarpel is stifled
I am from the earth, while she is pure fire, so we complete each other’s cycle
As she licks along my sulcus, thickened tunas coats me catching flame in her mouth
We both prayed to each other’s needs that a monsoon doesn’t put us out

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Copyright 2021 I IS ME
Published on Friday, April 2, 2021.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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