The Pendulum Swings

By exvso8m1

The Pendulum Swings
Eerie shadows float in the realms of sheer darkness,
To clench the edges of the soul and the mind,
Withered like a black rose floating on still waters,
Promises that were made begin to unwind…

The Pendulum swings in the confusion that lingers,
The screams terrorize those who have come,
To this dark domain where all voices bleed,
The initiation of the dead has ultimately begun…

They reach out attempting to mislead those who see,
The two paths ahead where one leads to rest,
The other path takes them to the darkness and pain,
They enter the void and await only death…

In the interim the vulnerability increases in strength,
As the conscious mind never seems to foresee,
The danger that lurks in the corner of the void,
Where the shadows who saunter have planted their seed…

As they arise their presence becomes the enigma,
An infringement into the minds of the abused,
Others come from a world seeking solace,
Where they find they were only just being used…

The illusion of puppets that frolic in darkness,
To the cries of those who proclaim innocence lost,
Now the dance has become motion in silence,
The Pendulum still swings no matter the cost… 

And now the strings tighten as the dreaded time arrives,
The chance for escape gone, as it is too late to run,
Just remember you arrived here searching for solace,
In the darkness of evil where all things are done…


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Copyright 2021 exvso8m1
Published on Sunday, February 21, 2021.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"
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