The Eye


You ride the storm dude believing that energy is pure and eternal. 
 It's only within the flesh that it is corrupted 
So you choose like minded energy to match your flow 
Together you and another can ride a hurricane, simply residing in the eye 

 Everyone else and everything is the violent swirl, and twirls of pain 
That howling wind is the calling of hell bent insanity 
Crabs in a barrel, no one, or anything can be save 
Flesh ripped with claws down to bones later to be gnawed 

With their dying breath they will hale that sweet release 
Dying finally admitting that they never knew 
That they never possessed the knowledge they thought 
That they never knew peace and the joy that it brings 

They never knew the blessing of a loving heart 
They only created by torrential winds and rain 
And you although safe in the storm's eye could hear it all 
You saw friction sparks as air moved across water 

They attempt to entice, inviting you to come out and play 
Hungering for anything pure, even the smallest morsel of positivity 
This would mean so much to those in the barrel 
Giving them something that they knew was very dangerous to them 

Should energies merge, is it possible to exit as one 
Should the gods taste of the flesh of humans, possibly risking tomorrow 
You bunker down with your truth, bathing and eating pure and eternal 
Together you and another can ride a hurricane, simply residing in the eye 

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Copyright 2021 I IS ME
Published on Monday, January 11, 2021.     Filed under: "Philosophical" and "Poetry"
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