Standing on this rock listening to the waves crash, being sprayed with mist 
Reality warps, your voice is oh so clear, as my perception shift 
Rolling in on the waves, I can hear you repeating my name 
You're reminding me of the sea's dangers without bring the pain of shame 
In another life and time, the vastness of the sea was mine 
Her ebbs and flows were entwined into our design 
But being of flesh another saw that I was weak 
While riding the waves of true love, I began to hear another speak 
She saw our love as to comforting, me being rocked back and forth in our embrace 
I heard her call from a far away shore, with passions heat all over my face 
I dove deeper into true love in search of lust and promised passion 
Carried by a suicidal current to the shores of this new attraction 
Who quickly went to work on me with passion without bounds 
She tuned my ears to her squawking to drown out my true lover's sound 
The waves lapping at the rocks disappeared from my ears 
She covered me with her nakedness, so that I wouldn't feel true love standing near 
The beauty of her songs drowned out the hurricane forces of the sea's love 
She slowly ate away at my heart, clouding my mind to what true love really was 
With my heart and mind becoming a maelstrom, a freaking vacuuming storm 
The invader to my love continued feeding as if this was the norm 
But every once in awhile a fool is blessed, let's not forget 
The winds were so powerful, I was blown from the rocks that were now all wet 
Blown back into the ocean and I plunged to her depths 
Brought back to the surface, and my boat, by a waterspout and there I slept  

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Copyright 2021 I IS ME
Published on Monday, January 11, 2021.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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