Can I tell you baby girl how I really feel   
Can I walk you to the gates of hell and show you the real   
Please close your eyes and hold my hand, let me guide you through   
I wouldn't take this punishment for anyone but you   
Hold your breath baby, please don't breath   
That sulphurous scent is full of disease   
Please don't listen when you hear me scream   
As my soul is raped and tortured, so that you can come out clean   
Yes baby girl, please keep your eyes closed   
For your love for me,I gave up my soul   
The innocence has left me, only my eyes are now glowing   
Just walk with me as we are now lowering   
Level after level, a virtue is gone   
Until the final fucking level, where I'm declared a spawn   
climb on to my back, I have to carry you back up   
I'm the only thing in hell, you're allowed to touch   
I wish that I could show how much you meant to me   
I wish that you could open your eyes and really see   
The hair that you loved is now long gone   
That halo I had was replaced with horns   
I wish that I could join you as you dealt with your fate   
Unfortunately baby girl, we're back at the gates   
Please don't open your eyes until you're sure I'm gone   
And when you finally do, your halo should be back on   

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Copyright 2020 I IS ME
Published on Friday, October 23, 2020.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"
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