Tears On A Table


She's a timid little one, she's never met anyone quite like me 
There is a gravity between us, but there are issues with security 
She's really been through the ringer, things that haven't been worked out 
Situations rushed into without the concept of possible doubt 

She was a sweetie so quick to give her all 
But eventually there comes a time that you're afraid of the next fall 
She decided that love was suspect, maybe even not hers to be had 
Although she played the role of joy, her heart and mind were sad 

Though few in partners it seemed the outcome was always the same 
There was only one constant variable and so she accepted the blame 
"I can't do this anymore," will ring forever in her ears 
Love forever being chased as she softly asked it to come here 

Attention was freely given but wasn't ask that it be returned 
She learned to carry matches in her heart prepared to watch bridges burn 
Yes again the numbers were few, but they seemed to be awaiting their turn 
The sex was without restrictions, the cream was as if it had been churned 

She felt ill within, thoughts of herself as the sickness to this world 
There was a connection between these problems and her pains as a girl 
The pains of the nights when doors were opened, securities were breached 
The pains of a trusted invader that had decided to turn sneak 

Promises made in their silent tone as they did what they did 
The false love and protection was begged to be hid 
She was mentally and physically crushed and willing to accept 
Her abusers of both sexes redesigned her psyche while building their abusive rep 

Her mind then was covered by so many deep and ugly scars 
She couldn't remember when things ended, or the limits of conscience was to far 
She deserted memories to the visual and buried everything else in there deep 
While another abuser kept appearing, declaring that they were hers to keep 

The illusions couldn't be seen through, her past intersected with her future 
The faces changed, their age, their sexes, but not the abuses 
How could so much weight be placed on her shoulders 
Atlas was sentenced to the heavens and Sisyphus was sentenced to his boulder 

Was she sentenced to an eternity of wallowing in her pain alone 
With no one by her side declaring her heart their home 
With a tear that dropped on the table she wrote the word, "pain" 
Saying it, allowing it to roll off of her lips, whipped again and again      

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Copyright 2020 I IS ME
Published on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "Tears On A Table"

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  • Nicholas Miller On Monday, October 19, 2020, Nicholas Miller (10)By person wrote:

    Absolutely amazing I love this

  • I IS ME On Wednesday, October 28, 2020, I IS ME (433)By person wrote:

    Thank you, much appreciation

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