“Look Away”

By bpathos


Don't look at me
Stare straight ahead
The camera sees
And hears what's said

Fear 'Little' Brother'
In the phone for when
Everything's discovered
You turned you in

Bots with your social
Your facebooked look
And alexiacon vocals
Read you like a book

It was you but only you
Who fed 'Big Data' bots
Letting trackers through
Accessing all you got

Surveillance in any hand
A.I. genies in all reflections
Takes itself from every man
Knowing every direction

Losing a piece of me
Is losing a piece of you
If you come close you see
You're a chess piece too

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Copyright 2020 bpathos
Published on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Many or most sci-fi ideas come to pass, so has the dystopia of social manners.
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