A lesson from a sweet meow•baby.

By soul_versing

A lesson from a sweet meow•baby.


Perception is a dangerous game,
What we perceive isn’t always correct
As we’re humans in the 3-D looking
For solace in the 5-D.
Perception is the un-cured demon
Playing negative thoughts in your wake
And sleep;
Both (the wake and sleep) are tiny morsels
Of energy passing through different time frames.
Although time is fluid,

To the human mind,
Time plays an important character in how we
Should and shouldn’t function.
A perceived thought is a deceptive thought,
Waiting on a reaction to feed it energy.
Once energy is given,
The thought then becomes action, emotion
And then finally, a burden.
Not everything perceived will go sour.
Sometimes perception can work in favor
Of the thought holder.
Whether you have lucky stars
Or unlucky misfortune’s 
You should be grateful,
You’re learning.

Remember that time is fluid,
Nothing is permanent,
So your perception isn’t always the direction
To walk in/towards.

Practice mindfulness,
Go on a nature walk,
Focus your mind on your breathing,
Love more,
Be thankful,
Write a letter to the universe,
Put flowers on a loved one’s grave,
Practice words of affirmation,
Plant some seeds,

Put up a crystals grid inside your home,
Research your spirit animal,
Contact your spirit animal,
Talk to a plant,

Dig your toes in to the earth,

Don’t disrupt the earth,
Give thanks to the earth
And love some more,. 
Life is precious,
Don’t waste your time stuck in perception
Because life will pass you by.
.the humble-
                      wise elephant.





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Copyright 2020 J.L. Verdiguel
Published on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Graphic Art"

Author's Note:

Inspired by The Meow. .tips hat.
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