Be patient, for I will arrive triumphant,
time is eternal... and you, immortal,
the shining light stopped blinding me.

Reserve a place, for my sauntering spirit,
space is infinite... and you, abysmal,
enhance your flames, when you see me arrive.

I'll be there, in your rivers of blood,
receiving the blessing for my sins.

Your demons, so radiant and alluring,
the most obscene muses of creation,
they smile and dance to the sound of your voice.

Come find me, when my time comes,
with the most perfect and beautiful nymphs,
I'll make of my soul a delicious feast.

I'll be there, devouring your fruits,
and admiring the gloomy landscapes,
of your garden of torns.

I'll be there, among the fallen,
like an angel lost in temptation.

I'll be there, in the lushness of your hell...

I'll be there...

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Copyright 2020 LIFEINVADER
Published on Sunday, August 2, 2020.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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