Stalled I go...
in an elusive way,
postponed to the path,
appeased before the whisper...
crying my skin to the ground.
Forgotten I go...
with no other shelter than contempt,
tattered and patched nerves,
faithful guard against doubts, and glory.
Ousted I go...
drowned in pity,
regretting the seconds,
the moments that hurt.
Resigned I go...
with no more love, besides for death.
that moves away,
it moves away
far, far away…
I am dying...
expecting to be dust
I return my being to where it belongs ...

I am laying,
I hope,
for the miracle of the earth.

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Copyright 2020 LIFEINVADER
Published on Thursday, July 30, 2020.     Filed under: "Personal" and "Poetry"
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