Never a truth,
in the serene night,
never patience
in the craving for nobility.

The gloom is lukewarm,
when the fire in their eyes,
and the blood of the nocturnals boil.
Upright patience,
loneliness and sorrow,
their mantras resonate,
in the center of time.
From their gaze
hypnosis and censorship,
nothing dares,
to hide the trail.
Present, and prevailing in the twilight,
as if the forest turned,
stealthy as the unruled.
Waiting for the sun,
who forges and sculpts,
until a new sigh,
where their flight prevails.
And so,
crowned and calm,
safeguard the moment,
of the soul of the night.


In the day they prevail
deep fluttering,
giving birth,
to the required lineage.

In the day they sing,
the mysteries of the shadows,
invite silence,
to a dark dance ...
melancholy pales.

Perfect sovereigns,
haughty and deep,
owners of the conundrum,
that gives life to the night.

In the day their slenderness,
decorate the step,
scrutinize the seconds,
in mysticism and delirium.

In the afternoon,
when the sun surrenders,
squawks triumph,
of the dark wait.
In the night they are a mirror,
reflect the soul,
of beings in darkness.
They scream loud in the wind,
and the moon pales even more,
it is resigned to them.
Gods of time,
kings of darkness,
only witnesses,
of what the night hides.
And when the day is born,
their stillness remains intact,
to show the universe,
they are reason itself.
Dark Sovereigns,
of the only truth,
guardians of the secret,
which contains the end,
of all existence.

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Published on Wednesday, July 29, 2020.     Filed under: "Philosophical" and "Poetry"
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