Fear II


what do we do with fear?
what could we do,
if loneliness keeps writing its name,
hit by absences and remorse,
in the cracks in the wall?
what could we do,
when the night is silence,
and with her black cloak she lulls us,
with the awful whisper of the dead,
the gallop of corpses,
who murmur unintelligible words while,
we would swear that something or someone
is breathing a putrid breath,
right in the middle of our back?
what could we do,
if we can barely hear the creaking,
of stealthy approaching steps,
while we know ourselves alone,
abandoned in perpetual darkness,
with the horror blowing us in the neck,
and reminding us of the sad, tragic hour,
in which the gloomy bells have just sounded
of a clock that has never existed.
what can we do?
maybe, look around askance and...
discover those dark basins,
without eyes, and with bony complexions
where the meat hangs rotten,
and that mouth,
that grin that smiles at us,
those black lips of death,
yellow teeth mumbling funeral tunes
and those skeletal fingers
with their gloomy gestures,
invite us to accompany it.
maybe, close my eyes
and paint on nowhere
a blank canvas,
do not think,
do not listen.
maybe run away...
or let ourselves die...
or... maybe we haven't noticed,
that we are already dead...

... or, just maybe,
could love end it,
once and for all?

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Copyright 2020 LIFEINVADER
Published on Saturday, July 18, 2020.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"
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