people fear us,
because different we are,
they fear our shadiness,
and assume the helplessness of their flickering candles,
are subdued at doors and windows,
they cross themselves and painfully bend their knees,
they implore to their resigned God,
while deep inside,
they know we are also gods,
of their hellish nightmares,
bloody gods without pity or remorse,
we give and take, asunder...

people fear us,
because their life,
is like a terrible disease,
full of sufferings and sly pleasures,
because we don't languish,
we do not feel or sport what they lack,
anguish, agony, hopelessness...
that's what they fear,
the expiration of their pettiness,
and the troubles that and uncertain future augurs to and for them....

people fear us,
because in their terror,
they write grudges and envies,
stroking with blood-colored ink in their chests,
jealously of and immortality they shan't possess,
ambition for that eternity full of youth and happiness,
a tattoo in the nooks and crannies of their souls,
and the excuses they look to besiege us,
oh so rival to our majestic figures,
oh so much exaltation of the light and the star king,
they curse us and invoke their so called saints,
uttering condemnations to everlasting fires,
and crumbling ashes made by the vanquisher sun...

so what if we burn?, so what if people fear us?,
dead we were and shall ever be,
but know that no one can end the great power,
the grotesque endless gift we were offered,
no matter how insistent they are,
we will always live in those untaintable and incorruptible dreams,
absurd the eyes of the mortal faces,
i see now,
they just wanted to grasp,
and never will they attain....

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Copyright 2020 LIFEINVADER
Published on Sunday, July 5, 2020.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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