Forgetting Me

By tmanzano

I spent the morning looking for something to do, like finding
September; something to hold the most of me inside.
The cold is still biting in the evenings and makes me think  
of times we spent under covers, wrapped up tight.
I don’t mind the warmer afternoons
if they didn’t mind me staying here for you and need me so much.
I miss the rain and the lightning that comes with you in late winter,
playing chicken in the middle of the fields, despite it all.
I prayed you strike me down
amongst the wet earth, pass through me, to find your peace.
I could be dead inside of you
if to just remember me.

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Copyright 2020 tmanzano
Published on Saturday, April 4, 2020.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Forgetting Me "

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  • Queazenart On Saturday, May 16, 2020, Queazenart (237)By person wrote:

    I don't know how I missed this piece. Glad I stopped by your page and saw it. I swear I could read paragraphs of random thoughts from you and still enjoy myself. However, these are not random thoughts, and what is present here is cutting to say the least. Rain and lightning, praying to be struck down... I love it. Hope you're doing well brother and hope to see some more stuff soon.

  • River Lily On Saturday, April 4, 2020, River Lily (1162)By person wrote:

    This hurt within so many soft places.. And it was beautifully penned. Scholar

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