Pain is just amplified anxiety 
It's not a real thing, it is an illusion created by the brain 
You can tell the brain to not perceive pain 
Hahaha, but how can I not feel this ache that your lost causes me 

There's a vacancy in my chest that must be filled with something 
At times Loneliness is enough, it's better than nothing 
But Loneliness doesn't like being alone, he's takes up company with this non existent friend 
They are both running a race that has no end 

All things are done at my expense, even Hell needs a punching bag 
I thought that there was no finish line, but then found out that Death was given the flag 
Oh Pain, oh you invisible man you 
To be or not to be, to hurt like this and then claim that I'm creating you 

For I and my brain are one and the same, miraculously sharing the same identity 
Except he thinks freely, at times he even deceives me 
He visits pain upon me because I pay more attention to my heart than him 
He thinks that I should had paid more attention to you than I did them 

So he invites Hell in and allows him to stay at leisure 
With me being mesmerize by Hell's magic, like I said my brain is a deceiver 
I suffer images of you running through the chambers of my heart 
With me dragging the ball and chain of Pain and Loneliness keeping us apart 

You're always just out of reach, at least a painful chamber away 
Pangs of attack rattle me every time I scream for you to stay 
You say pain is an illusion, ask this heart that has became four chambers of Hell 
Spend just one day with a deceiving brain and see if you can truly tell 


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Copyright 2020 I IS ME
Published on Monday, March 16, 2020.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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