Returned As Found .... Broken


Do you remember Baby when you first entered in to my heart   
Your love was the adhesive needed to hold together my various parts   
I couldn't help but wonder why I was chosen   
So many stumbles, trips and falls, I was so dam broken   

My heart was nothing more than an abandoned tenement   
Of use to nothing and no one, only Pain agreed to the rent   
But you entered, and with soothing words and the softest caress   
You flipped a condo out of this broken mess   

There was that twinkle and spark that returned to my eyes   
Just as quickly as I flatlined, hills and mountains started to rise   
My mind was shattered like windows in a building made of glass   
You went about healing, as you replaced, without being asked   
Just a smidgen of the love that you gave to me could had healed the world   
But you entered the depths of Hell just to bring me a glass of water, girl   
But Hell, ooh she's a selfish Lady, and she just refuses to let go   
She tongue kissed me in front of you, acting like she doesn't understand, "no"   
There's to much invested in our relationship, Pain is our first born   
She refuses to share me with anyone, and she refuses to move on   
As quickly as you heal and rebuild, she wound and destroys   
My heart and mind scream, "save yourself don't be a part of Hell's many ploys   
The day that I realized that I was married to this fate   
Was the day that you decide you couldn't bear both Hell and my weight   
As you moved out and on, days returned that I thought were gone   
The darkness returned and I remembered what it felt like to be alone   
All windows immediately shattered, as my condo returned to a tenement of the slums   
The adhesive disappeared remembering where it came from   
With everything returning to normal, Hell's words were softly spoken   
"Look at everything around breaking and remember that we are broken   

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Copyright 2020 I IS ME
Published on Saturday, March 7, 2020.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "Returned As Found .... Broken"

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  • Candy81_BabyBlues On Monday, March 9, 2020, Candy81_BabyBlues (127)By person wrote:

    Realease that cord of attachment it has to be no more for she has many waiting to take her to where she belongs

  • I IS ME On Monday, March 9, 2020, I IS ME (424)By person wrote:

    It is a relationship unbreakable, the umbilical cord that can't be cut. Thanks for the read and comment

  • Candy81_BabyBlues On Monday, March 9, 2020, Candy81_BabyBlues (127)By person wrote:

    Every relationship is unbreakable my friend

  • Lil Rorschach On Monday, March 9, 2020, Lil Rorschach (200)By person wrote:

    heart ache, nah. Heart torment. Nice metaphors and imagery, I hope that you win the lottery and move into a big mansion friend.

  • I IS ME On Monday, March 9, 2020, I IS ME (424)By person wrote:

    Haha, a mansion is only more room for me and Lonely to search for each other. Thanks

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