My Beloved Poison

By dyingallover

What happened to them?

Where did the time go?

Who do you love now?
Was it ever me?

Why did you have to go and break it?

See those scattered pieces?
That's my heart. 
One for every lie you told, my love. 

Was it worth what we went through?
Was it worth getting to where we are now?

Didn't we promise it would never come to this?
Forgive me for believing I was in control. 

I wish I could forget you exist. 
I don't know what you got out of all of this,
But considering what we went through, 
I hope you got yours. 

Who said time heals all wounds?
I only resent you more now. 

Wasn't that supposed to do us part?
I guess it did in a way
Since you killed me inside.
I hope the ghost of my love haunts you to your last breath. 

When you lie next to him at night
And close your eyes,
I hope you see me in the darkness. 

After all, that's where I should be, right?
Think about it:
When you told me you would bring me out of it, 
All you did was push me deeper in. 

And I held your hand all the while. 

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Copyright 2020 dyingallover
Published on Sunday, February 9, 2020.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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  • Candy81_BabyBlues On Sunday, February 9, 2020, Candy81_BabyBlues (111)By person wrote:

    I can relate Pain makes us stronger you will see Enjoyed reeading you did great

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