To watch her is like watching a fairy or a firefly 
Darting about as a summer evening faded to night 
The troll in me fills with lust and greed 
My imagination runs wild of what really could be 

If she but lights upon my shoulder, my mind wonders 
If like Zeus, I could throw lightning bolts and laugh like thunder 
Could I gain the wisdom of the elves and live amongst the trees 
Or glide on thermals like giant eagle and dragons, as if on a gentle breeze 

Could I sacrifice myself like Prometheus, dying over and over for love's fire 
A true social worker he was, giving and teach man all about fire 
But she surpasses this knowledge, just watching her move about the house 
Gliding like that eagle or dragon as she gracefully moves about 

I soar like Hermes on the wind, glide like Peter Pan skimming across the water 
My Gold pot is filled with her heart, because like a Leprechaun, I'm a hoarder 
She knows that she's my Medusa, her beauty is what many have lied on 
Although it's been denied her love has cause many pillows to be cried on 

For she refuses to be captured, she is a free spirit 
Her heart will remain here as long as I don't try to get near it 
So I simply watch as she darts about, and with glimpses of light 
She guides me through this relationship and what feels like the night 

Sometimes I wonder if we are Narcissus and Echo 
My repeating, "I love you" only makes her love herself that much more 
Her love is a wave, or like the tide with ebbs and flow 
Mystical like fairy tales and mythology, beautiful tales but you just don't know  

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Copyright 2020 I IS ME
Published on Sunday, January 12, 2020.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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