To bludgeon me, shoot me, doesn't end me 
The cracking of the flesh releases the spirit introducing me 
To what really is instead of this warped version of reality 
The freeing of the spirit allows me to see, that we're all shackled, thinking we're free 
Garbage piled miles high all around 
The walls of your imagined Jericho long ago came tumbling down 
The master program was attacked by a Trojan 
That keeps us seeing what isn't there again and again 
We fight each other over nothing, because nothing is all that we know 
Those that have been shown the truth can be found in ward four 
Straight jacket up, electric shocked as needed 
The things that they describe isn't our reality, we don't know that we're being conceited 
We refuse to believe that our minds have been trained 
To maintain this version of reality, a virus was introduced to your brain 
The seven deadly sins, keeps the virus updated and keeps the flesh restrained 
The weakness encoded in us, allows the virus into the main frame 
We see, feel, smell and taste only what the programmers and hackers want 
No one dares to imagine that we can write our own code if we want 
Just imagine if you reversed the seven deadly sins and started living right 
Maybe this would decalcify our third eye giving us some type of in sight 
Maybe the insane would then again walk among the supposed sane 
Maybe they hold the antivirus, although locked away, they could easily explain 
The food that we eat has gone so far beyond clone, we're stuck on stupid talking of drones 
When we've reverted back to caves and thinking that we have mansions for homes 
The beauty that you chase isn't the beauty that is 
Beauty is written in bits and bytes, helping to control how we live 
The seven deadly sins helps them to defy all natural laws 
The program is constantly being update, but depending on humans is it's only flaw 

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Copyright 2020 I IS ME
Published on Sunday, January 12, 2020.     Filed under: "Philosophical" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "Matrixing"

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  • ladislaus On Saturday, January 18, 2020, ladislaus (12)By person wrote:

    Very deeply felt, I've been thinking similarly recently. Having trouble putting into words.

  • I IS ME On Monday, January 20, 2020, I IS ME (339)By person wrote:

    Thanks for the read and comment, please message when you post your piece

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