Dear Ex

By Poetic_-ink

Without your negativity
I wouldn't be here today
Never happy for me
Always wantrd me to fail
You were quick to say "I don't care about you"
But I'm still here...

Fair enough I was heart-broken
Your words and feelings toward me tasted like poison
Thinking I wouldn't find another love
But I did
And this person has lifted me up even at my weakest
The love I have for this individual can't be tooken for granted

Their words send a chill up my spine
I smile everytime I see them
Nothing but positive vibes
So don't think for once you think I need you
Because I'm focused one person in my life

And when I look in that mirror I see a once hurt woman, now a strong woman.

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Copyright 2019 Poetic_-ink
Published on Monday, November 25, 2019.     Filed under: "Personal" and "Poetry"
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