Hahaha you think that you know submission, but don't know what submission is 
Playing games of torture and torment, but imagine this as a way you truly live 
Pleasure through pain, pain seeking pleasure, a fractured arm falling from the crib 
A few more falls add up to a broken jaw and two broken ribs 
Deprivation suits, imagine forced deprivation being three and locked in a closet 
You're so fucking scared and all of hell knows it 
One by one they come to visit you all through out the night 
By the time Satan visits he's like a ray of sunlight 
They knew since you were five that you'ld never be good at any sports 
If you want the real story read the medical and police reports 
There are no tap outs, you never was given a safe word 
The thought of them stopping the pounding is really absurd 
In this game of submission the pain is forever and it's real 
While hiding in the corner of that closet, Satan and you cut yourselves a deal 
Hell will take your pain until you come of the proper age 
Until Hell decides you are old enough, to be given all this pain back as rage 
You will agree to anything, the pain just wont stop 
Satan splits your fucking mind with Hell taking all of the pain off the top 
You go through the motion, broken bones are still broken bones 
But they weren't paying attention, the crying had really changed in tone 
Instead of the usual wailing, there was shrieks of laughter and moans 
The hunch in your back, and undulating your hips like you are all grown 
Sexually stimulated to the point of no return, just like you're watching porn 
With no awareness, for the next few years the beatings goes on and on 
But now you no longer have to be put in to the closet, you enter on your own 
Bowing facing the corner, where you see Satan sitting on his throne 
Hell has decide you are mature enough to handle the transfer of the rage 
They can hear you howling and growling in the closet like an animal in a cage 
They both want to punish you more, but their anger has turned in to fear 
There's smoke coming from beneath the door and they are afraid to go near 
When the door finally opens their jaws all drop as true submission emerge 
Their final sight was the pain of so many years and hell's rage as they merged 

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Copyright 2019 I IS ME
Published on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.     Filed under: "Abuse" and "Poetry"
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  • Lil Rorschach On Thursday, November 21, 2019, Lil Rorschach (137)By person wrote:

    Wow this is really good, I really like your writing style. You capture the ideas so well to where if I were to write this it would be ramblings but you turn it into a captivating story. I hope that this story is not an experience that you went through, I pray it isn't. You are very strong for sharing this and we hear you. Great piece, hope you have a great day.

  • I IS ME On Thursday, November 21, 2019, I IS ME (378)By person wrote:

    Thanks dude the read and comment, you're much appreciated.

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