Why is it that when I look at you, you look away 
The eyes are fleeing that I need to stay 
Why can't we share a gaze while holding hands 
My pleas are sincere but I make no demands 

I'm sorry but when I met you the damage had already been done 
Life is so fleeting that you accepted love on the run 
Various takers that I now despise 
They ate away at your heart, while staring in your eyes 

You still have a strong need for love, although you don't trust 
Like a snake you chose to travel the earth eating only dust 
Now that the opportunity has arrived for you to see the sky 
You reminisce on your past loves and avert your eyes 

Each time you look away I feel the stinging stabbing of a knife 
Two times to the chest, once between the shoulder blades, trying to take my life 
But and then you look my way, smile, and you say my name 
The sun comes out, my wounds are healed, and we start all over again 

This roller coaster ride is more pain than thrills 
Your turn away are always accompanied by chills 
The uncertain moments, wondering if I'm allowed to touch 
Knowing within myself, no one could love you this much 

But then again my heart lies as shattered glass upon the floor 
As i risk the pain of reaching for your hand just once more 
Was there something there, and was your fingertips caught in my grasp 
Did you return my stare and repaired the broken glass 

I dream at night of simply holding you tight 
There by candle light, we are each other's only sight 
We will discuss our comforts and ward off each other's frights 
And upon waking tomorrow morning, I'm truly allowed to love you with all of my might 

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Copyright 2019 I IS ME
Published on Saturday, November 9, 2019.     Filed under: "Love" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "Shattered"

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  • hoops On Sunday, March 1, 2020, hoops (12)By person wrote:

    I love this poem and it has its own mystery

  • I IS ME On Sunday, March 1, 2020, I IS ME (424)By person wrote:

    Much appreciation thanks for the support

  • Humanfly On Saturday, December 7, 2019, Humanfly (4)By person wrote:

    i love poems like this. so smooth and real, straight from the heart.

  • I IS ME On Saturday, December 7, 2019, I IS ME (424)By person wrote:

    Thank you for reading and commenting, much appreciation

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