deus impeditio esuritori nullus

By Lux

deus impeditio esuritori nullus

~ So I whispered,
"I love you."
And the bayou sang me to sleep. ~


bedding me down in the chorus of frogs,
crickets and sweet salt air
she played my favorite song
gentle fingers
braiding lyrics into my skin
and lacing symphonies to my hair
I fell in love with the lay of the land
the crease-cut ache that comes;
it always comes, goddamn this heat
and the silence of the night replaced,
like so many strings
with the chaos of throats
and thighs
"hush", the onyx'd water sings


I had no love of the desert then
for being parched of kisses pressed
to fevered throats and swollen lips
how could I?
loneliness was the price paid
for worthiness, in my eyes, was costly
the soft tremours, velvet and serene,
no, the inlet kept me quiet in satisfaction
though, in dreams Waking
you crossed oceans and oceans
to find me


gathering snowdrops and sanctions
I dreamed you corsair and criminal
a marauder, a mercenary
gambling coin and caliber to bring
dowries to the bed I had slept in
and with a murmur, lull'd and low
spoke of fascination and fallacy;
furred coverlets and fringed linen
eyes bright and wary as you held
my gaze and taunted truths


but this was a vision forged in fraility
and fractured frenzies of fantasy


you were not he.
of smoke and silt and swell
of woodland and wetland and homeland
you were not he.
of concrete coldness and civility
of burst seams and forfeit dreams
you were not he.
of sand-spurs and spice flats
of sentient blood and spiral'd blossoms
and still, you were not he.


you were bronze-skinned and amber'd eyes
roaming as the waves,
irises captured verdant light to tender mine,
mouth eteched in corals I had come to
call cradle


you were spirited and sprightly
tongue-in-cheek, swooping to gather me
I, of woodland and wetland and homeland,
pressed tender and young to your chest
arid and devoid, save your heart,
swallowed seas from within me
sating thirsts of a drought'd tongue
a desolate famine'd desire


you were play and pleasure
prying new appetites to placate
and plucking air from lungs
filled with too much brine to bear,
settled me astride your allure
and begged,
at last
to beach myself upon your shores
to become wasteland and redland and homeland


the bones of this desert include their cries
for the red-rimstone drinks from my well,
His Fount, His Canvas, His Daughter


so I slip from the sea
into the solitary stretch


Aphrodite as wavering as ever
still sends me her symphonies
in sand dunes and salt mines,
and swears on her shells
that Poseidon begged of her too


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Copyright 2019 Lux
Published on Sunday, November 3, 2019.     Filed under: "Graphic Art"

Author's Note:

Caesar: You are a thief. A foolish, incompetent thief. But we will treat your foolishness as some species of loyalty.
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  • Divine hell On Monday, November 4, 2019, Divine hell (251)By person wrote:

    Your words are just as sublime as the image you used, beautifully rendered 10

  • TheProphetUntold On Monday, November 4, 2019, TheProphetUntold (162)By person wrote:

    Fantastic beginning stanzas and allusion at the end. The refrain of " woodland, wetland and homeland" then their transformation into ruin speaks to deeper meaning, in my opinion. Emphasis on their importance to the subject and then ruin and acceptance to becoming/metamorphosis into that ruin...perhaps? I enjoyed it, nonetheless. Top shelf, Lux. +tpu+

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