the Tyger’s retort

By Chathulra

“When the stars threw down their spears,
And watered heaven with their tears,
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?”
-The Tyger
William Blake

if you would only listen
to the songs
speaking of the antiquities
from which we have ventured.

ancient pathways,
before gods and goddesses
were named,
before the world was
an ocean.

we flew over
the vastness of the waters –
the vast abyss
of Reshith.

we looked upon it all,
from its very foundations...
Morning Stars,
pinioned vanity our downfall,
bearing weapons
of enraged blasphemy!

he who made the Lamb
made ME!

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Copyright 2019 Chathulra
Published on Friday, February 6, 2009.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Poetry"
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  • Alchemist On Thursday, October 31, 2019, Alchemist (860)By person wrote:

    I'm not religious but this was extremely well written and satisfying.

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