Dear citizens

By Ssgss418

Alienated by today's society we hide in the shadows
Too afraid to speak: we are labeled as mute

To scarred to be able to think like you : we are labeled as mentally ill 

Beat up and visibly bruised: we are labeled as deformed 

Slower than you: we are labeled as disabled

Some of us locked in our minds

Some of us out of touch with reality

Some of us are just like you  but we look different

All with the same label because we are not like you

To you these are all limits, what society fails to understand is that we live with or conditions

This is who we are, we have all learned to live with our conditions 

I know I wouldn’t change it 

But still, people see us as monsters because we are different

Because we work differently 

But we work

Most of us are hard working citizens who are  working to the best of our ability

But still we are seen as monsters, alienated by society, so we must  go back into the shadows

Not driven  by the government but by you

By the people treating us as less than

So back we go, until the day we are seen as equals


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Copyright 2019 Ssgss418
Published on Friday, October 4, 2019.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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  • flawofthepoet On Monday, October 7, 2019, flawofthepoet (59)By person wrote:

    The people society calls different are always the most interesting ones.

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