The Carny Barker

By Damien

Life is a journey, or so I have heard
for some, ranging from the sublime to the absurd
Along the road purpose may change with time
like at a Carnival waiting for a ride
the Ferris Wheel spins round and round
the Carny barker can be heard above the crowd
for the truth is in the finding
come with now on the path unwinding

Garage apartment on Liberty Street
chubby little boy with braces on his feet
Bakers son, life had just begun
now picture this
a couple of Catholic School kids
learning to read and write
from the women in black and white
they talked softly but carried a stick
step out of line and taste the whip
God is good, God is great
all is forgiven as long as you pray
If God is a woman then that would explain
why so many times I was lost along the way

 Dad and grandad had a terrible fight
I think maybe I was five
left the apartment for a home on Deans Drive
life is strange, isn't it
I had to fight the kids who thought we were rich
and this irony is hard to ignore
now I had to fight the rich because we were poor
from Saint Simon and Jude to Blairsville Jr. High
grandad bought me my first mini-bike
years go by and I learned to drive
first car, red Torino with a white stripe
all the friends my money could buy
that aside
the best years of my life, were spent on Deans Drive
Thanks Dad, I only wish Mom was still alive

The Ferris Wheel gets another spin
the Carny barker and that evil grin

Three proms and a Junior/Senior Party
all with a girl named Barbie
I really liked her
she called me when she needed someone to drive her
schools out forever
into the family business I would enter
Dad was a hard working man
but he always seemed so mad
Italians are stubborn and proud of that
he did his best to make me part of it
and we never talked about what was at the heart of it
I watched for years as he struggled with the weight of it
hurt me deeply to know I was to blame for it
to a degree I admit to being naive
but never did I expect such cruelty
tormented by greed and jealousy
as difficult as it is to believe
greed is an ugly disease
a monster and his eyes are green

Time marches on as the wheel goes round and round
it seems to spin faster the closer you get to the ground
and with every turn time seems to overlap
off in the distance, the Carny barker laughs
married once, two kids I adored
she took it all in the divorce
married again, same as the first
took the kids, thats what hurts

life is a journey and much like the Ferris Wheel ride
it may stop but only for a short time
and just as the Carny will fold up it's tents
I'm still waiting on the next
thru all this misery, I'm left with one mystery
How is strength defined
not just the physical but the mental and emotional kind
not just in our backs but in our hearts and minds
seems like tremendous sacrifice

I was taught to be strong in word and deed
by both parents and priests
the sacrifice they made for me
the Lords only son had to bleed
if we live by this creed
why do I feel so empty
The expression, "what's in a name" ?
I believe our strengths and weaknesses are one and the same
being brave doesn't mean you're not afraid
Mom says, "put on a coat it looks like rain"
fear can keep you from harms way

Life is a journey as some might say
my road has been rocky,  uncertain in many ways
here are some lessons I have learned
being strong doesn't mean you won't get hurt
never ask for more than you deserve
or take credit for someone elses work
met someone new, but I haven't changed
mostly I'm confused as the Carny barker motions me his way

The Carnival is closed
moving down the road
'nother town, 'nother show
more folks looking for fools gold
the Carny barker knows
they come and they go
but those that stay
are lost forever in the Carnival of Souls

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Copyright 2019 Damien
Published on Saturday, September 7, 2019.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "The Carny Barker"

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  • sadistic intent hex On Sunday, September 8, 2019, sadistic intent hex (239)By person wrote:

    love this write had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading wondering where this was going but it began to form like a painting. perfect and the carny barker I believe set the mood and memory flash backs eating on the wheel carnival of souls I agree 13 perfect name.

  • Hope in despair On Saturday, September 7, 2019, Hope in despair (120)By person wrote:

    Man! There is so much beauty I don't know what to say! Such beautiful soul baring honesty! The reflections of life and truth! Brilliant simply brilliant!

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