Split mind

By Nemo

I fucking hate you Satan.
Making people die of cancer.
Leaving people with no answers.
No wonder you was forsaken.

I fucking hate you god.
I pray and do good deeds.
Not evening asking for penny.
But nothing good as come my way.
Well that better be changin soon now.
Or you will be losing a child today.

I ain't fucking playin somebody better do something quick. Cause I'm sick of all this bullshit.

Please God show us your power today.
Release your wraith on us.
DO IT NOW!!!!!!

Satan I ain't playin you better leave me alone.
Cause your gonna be gone.
In the deepest part of my hell.

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Copyright 2019 Nemo
Published on Thursday, May 2, 2019.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Its me debating on what's true and what's made up bullshit
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Comments on "Split mind"

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  • 13sonsofgod On Friday, November 8, 2019, 13sonsofgod (698)By person wrote:

    GOD AND LUCIFER are both very real and both are not responsible for any illness or sickness that falls upon as anyone, many blame Lucifer for making them do the things they do, please understand me, Lucifer never made anyone do anything that they didn't already do in thier own heart. As for God , who can speak for him ?.. in giving us CHRIST JESUS, HES DONE ABOUT ALL HES GOING TO DO FOR MANKIND..for mankind has fucked up everything in his path for his own personal gain and pleasure from day one...although God did give us personal choice..and our choices is what makes us, or breaks us, unlike animals they as ll do everything by instinct....learn to love and respect yourself and everything else will fear you, as well as respect you...your write is heart felt here, and you are much stronger than you understand yet.... 13......

  • A former member wrote: Even tho I’m not the one your screaming at. I hear you. It’s that giant shit dichotomy we get to choose from. Do good the bad hates you, do bad the good hates you, remain indifferent they both hate you. The “Dayglo Abortions” said it best in their song “I am my own God.”

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