Permanent Heroin Coma

By SinisterSinner

I press the needle to my skin,
Making sure i hold still while the tip sinks in,
Pulling up i see the blood seep in,
I've struck fucking pay dirt,
I slam it all in as quickly as i can,
Hoping the vein doesn't burst or roll,
Quickly i loosen the belt around my arm,
I can taste the drug dancing on my lips,
That means the next stop is my brain,
I feel the warm blanket cover me,
Tucking me in,
Within 5 seconds it lays me down and holds me tight,
It sings me my favorite lullaby,
Kisses me,
And wishes me a good night,
I smile gently,
And close my eyes,
Its time to say goodbye to my life,
Without fight or struggle,
Worry or fear,
I welcome the dark of my drug induced coma,
Down the black hole i go,
Don't bring me back this time,
I fucking hate this life.

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Copyright 2016 SinisterSinner
Published on Tuesday, September 13, 2016.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

I once upon a time was in the middle of addiction and overdosed... I've been clean for a time now but this was my experience of how i felt when it happened. I now live a much better and cleaner life and have come a long way.
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Comments on "Permanent Heroin Coma"

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  • out there On Tuesday, September 13, 2016, out there (203)By person wrote:

    this reminded me of trainspotting.. the root of all addiction to escape the emotions and maybe responsibility. Always kinda wanted to be a junky but wouldn't even know where to get it which is a good thing because like willow i'd be a long time gone. i like how you described how it provides a blanket, comfort and escape. if it's personal, i hope you do stop -srry to sound patronising or whatever but obviously as you clearly know there are far healthier and more rewarding ways of coping. well done. enjoyed.

  • SinisterSinner On Tuesday, October 18, 2016, SinisterSinner (42)By person wrote:

    I've been clean for 6 months now. Its just something that i wrote in my addiction and now reminds me of how much the drug had me fooled and eating out of its hand.

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