Ode To My Humanity

By GhettoZombie

I have no shame in admitting my defects.

I've had more than my fair share of nervous breakdowns,

And my heart was an empty grave

I once filled with vodka, nightmares, and complexes of persecution.

Over the span of three and a half decades,

I've made my life a journey...

And not a diagnosis.


My confidence can be as fragile as sea shells by the sea shore,

But my soul can't be sold like them.

My empathy glistens like rose quartz

And you can get lost in it like the Bermuda Triangle...

But it has sometimes burned down

Like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.


My brain is the scene of the crime

I compulsively revisit.

I must fight the powerlessness

And keep doing the right thing,

As I am my own worst public enemy.

I keep my worth on wanted posters

Because I want it to stay bountiful.


I desire to storm hemispheres housing

The Bastille

The Spandau

The Tower of London

A European travelogue of mental incarceration.

Where negativity is embossed like license plates

And heavily labored like chain gangs.


Therapists have led me astray

Since my adolescence.

The eighth Doctor Who treats me

Will hopefully be my companion

And not leave me lost in the time-space continuum,

Where antidepressants run rampant like Daleks.

You may see my universe as alternate and parallel to yours,

But it's the only universe I know.


Damned if I can walk around

Lynched by a silk noose

Forty hours a week.

My life is defined beyond an income bracket.

Brace yourself.

Parenthetically speaking,

Tax forms do not withhold my spirit.


If only they withheld your judgments.

I have sinned and transgressed

In more ways than I care to admit

To you or to God Almighty on Yom Kippur.

I admit to not being above personal accountability.


It would be nice

To hear you admit

To not being above

Everybody around you.

You experiment with identities

like a mad scientist in a meth lab,

Magnifying your ego

Like an electron microscope

As if all your genes are dominant

And your mortality will never recede.

This isn't Gattaca.

You're a hawk, but your name isn't Ethan.

You can't review the mistakes and shortcomings of your peers like movies on Rotten Tomatoes.


We are both works in progress.

The sooner you admit to your humanity,

Proving yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish,

You will be a real man.

You will accept that love is the ultimate osmosis

And that you are surrounded by membranes meant to be penetrated.


Best not to spend life erecting walls.

Best not to spend life digging graves.

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Copyright 2016 GhettoZombie
Published on Tuesday, March 22, 2016.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Ode To My Humanity"

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  • out there On Saturday, November 19, 2016, out there (209)By person wrote:

    So much said here..spoken with much depth reflection and soul. Enjoyed.

  • River Lily On Tuesday, March 22, 2016, River Lily (1083)By person wrote:

    I wonder if you realize how utterly amazing this work is..blew me away..So very honest, an inside peek :) Loved the subject matter..I love this Scholar

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