To be or not to be

By Coffin

To be or not to be, that is my question.
To be here, makes me no more significant than to not be here.
What difference will it make if I'm am here or there.
Death, does nothing to meĀ 
I will be no more silent nor significant
alive or dead.
What is there to be lost but a beating heart in death?
Maybe my connections with the living, but people can move on
without me
It is a fact of life, that without me the world shall still spin.
My death means nothing to me or to the world.
To be or not to be, that is my question.

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Copyright 2014 Coffin
Published on Saturday, March 8, 2014.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "To be or not to be"

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  • Commander_Cadaver On Saturday, March 8, 2014, Commander_Cadaver (261)By person wrote:

    So very true in a sense. People die, people move on. That's life. Nice write.

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