By TheSatanicGoddess

'Who are They?'
You make ask and say,
'Who are They,
And why won't They go away?'

'Who are They?'
You may ask and say,
They who talk while you pray.

They laugh as you walk astray,
Dragging you with them as They play,
Leading you to a world of gray.

End of day, end of day,
The scariest part of our delay,
The part that makes you lay,
Scared; in a ball, looking away.

'Stay, stay, stay,'
They say while you lay,
Their devilish display,
Causing your disarray.

'Who are they?'
You may ask and say,
'THEY?' They ask and say,
'We are THEY,
And we are here to stay.'

The last thing you see is the sun's ray,
A shade of black and gray,
An end of day,
An end of your disarray,
And an end of your display.

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Copyright 2013 TheSatanicGoddess
Published on Monday, February 4, 2013.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

My apologies if this is bad...
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Comments on "THEY"

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  • Touchedbythedark24 On Monday, April 8, 2013, Touchedbythedark24 (13)By person wrote:

    Love it an exciting and wonderful bit of darkness you've sown here.

  • TheSatanicGoddess On Tuesday, April 9, 2013, TheSatanicGoddess (252)By person wrote:

    Thank you lots. Hehe. Most kind of you.

  • raspberry89 On Thursday, March 14, 2013, raspberry89 (18)By person wrote:

    A very melodic, cryptic write. This flows so awesomely that my love of rhyme forced me to read it out loud...twice :)

  • TheSatanicGoddess On Friday, March 15, 2013, TheSatanicGoddess (252)By person wrote:

    Hehe. So flattered to hear that. *Smiles* Thank you and I hope you enjoy my other works, and hope to read yours.

  • FearlessDragon On Tuesday, February 5, 2013, FearlessDragon (196)By person wrote:

    Not bad at all... I love the flow and dark imagery!

  • TheSatanicGoddess On Tuesday, February 5, 2013, TheSatanicGoddess (252)By person wrote:

    Oh? Not bad is it? Good to know, dear fearless dragon. Thank you. Truly.

  • PoetessDarkly On Monday, February 4, 2013, PoetessDarkly (1005)By person wrote:

    great rhyme and metering.

  • TheSatanicGoddess On Monday, February 4, 2013, TheSatanicGoddess (252)By person wrote:

    Oh. My thanks, my dear Poetess. Happy you think so

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