By Abomination



The wrath


Bounding the bodies of vanquished trash

Animated coooooooooorpse!!!!!!!

Stacked in piles and burned with torch

Spreading disease and destruction…

Your brain sucked out your cranium like atmospheric suction




Post mortem gases

Watch how the body of the lifeless thrashes

It’s just electric impulses in the brain

Slippage and drippage of bio-hazardous stain

Biological drain

Parasitic bane

Non shall remain but the clinical insane




Deadly force…

Rotting hands the expansion of perm-a-frost

Lost amongst the decaying forest of flesh

Welcome the gripping

Ripping arms of death

As this hideous ghoul drools…

It’s breath

The stench of wretch ensues

Enter the folds of the burning cold

Where you will behold the uncontrolled as it unfolds




Across the land

Upon the pale horse that has died


Land of waste

Embrace this place of hate and scorn

Where the dead have heads of lettuce

And ears of corn


Here in this place

The reaper of grim is born


Torn from skull…

The maws of the dead are worn and dull


Animated cooooooooooorpse!!!!!!!!!!

You shall not pass in the tour de’horror-force

This is something terrible like Gorgoroth




Only sleeping in a ring of fire will keep them at bay




The stench of demise does it’s dance about your nose


You do your best not-to-give-in

You fight with might

For wife and chil-dren

But nooooooooooooo!!!!!

The grave beckons…

Where the silent sound

Of mutilation deafens  


At night on wooded trails…

Listen for the hooting of owls

For no amount of towels can re-pack

Eviscerated bowels

Shallow graves

No need for shovel

Your bones will be strewn

With doom amongst rubble


Can this be

 That this is a mare that gallops at night

That has forced your hair white from stress and fright

House to house

And home to home

Where outside all you hear are the dead’s grizzly moans

The sound of the shuffle

Of atrophied feet against pebbles

This course of activity has now reached livery levels

Try as you must

And try as you may

To pray to every god to help you live until day

But none shall answer

They abandon your prayers

As you mope

And hope to evaporate in thin air


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Copyright 2012 Abomination
Published on Monday, November 19, 2012.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"
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  • FearlessDragon On Friday, December 28, 2012, FearlessDragon (196)By person wrote:

    Fucking sickly brilliant! ... I heard burzum playing in my head while reading this!!

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