Your Skin's So Soft

By Abomination

i'm the black dot in the circle...

the primordial mound
from which order came out of chaos
let me pervert you

my obsessive words are like manna singing the mantra
while my voice reshapes your soul
like a blacksmiths hammer

this situation is dire
get caught in the refiners fire
while my hands wrap around your flesh
like spirals or barbed wire

your tears...
are like master works of make up smeared
while the cogs in your head
turn about like a clocks gears

the advancement or your enhancement
is done in such a way one gets beguiled
like it's entrancement

this is the opus of focus
open the lotus
as I engulf your flesh
like a shrouded cloud of locus

I arrive like a pestilence
and blacken any thought of your hesitense
no need for your repentance

this is the day of judgment
adore and love it
...thou shall not covet
but rather
hover above it
and be of it

the poisonous lips from the abyss
blows a kiss
the naked eye
can hardly detect the mist
that proceeds before it

your skins so soft...
my own personal crime scene
your body gets roped off

and some would get mad at me...
the way I describe how your sent
dances all through my nasal cavity

I brace as it lunges for my pallet
the dance on my tongue
reminiscent of citrus salad

i'm a marksman
in dark denim
who arches venom
to the hemispheres of your mind
like a werewolf who barks addendum

the howling of the pale light
the aesthetic vedic
who sits in a cave
with stale site

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Copyright 2012 Abomination
Published on Monday, November 5, 2012.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Your Skin's So Soft"

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  • TWiiSTEDAnGeL On Friday, January 11, 2013, TWiiSTEDAnGeL (415)By person wrote:

    Just as twisted and amazing as I remember.. oh how I've missed your work!! I'm back for good this time, It's Tiffany (heartache420) by the way! Nicely penned good sir!

  • FearlessDragon On Friday, December 28, 2012, FearlessDragon (196)By person wrote:

    open the lotus as I engulf your flesh... My favorite line! Epic and twisted! ...Your imagery is unbelievable! Keep the black light my friend!

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