By Feral

Slime mould dressed
Fuligo septica
gelatinous, wet suffocation;
Io besmirched.

plasmodial egg yolk
Argus filth
thousand-eyed nuclei;
rotten hydrogen sulfide.

Spore fluted slumber
beheaded guardsman
primordial mythic ooze;
ocelli peacock placed.

Necrotic temenos
sightless; bulbous white
gadfly; wanderer set.

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© 2014 Alexis Helms
Published on Tuesday, December 29, 2015.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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  • A former member wrote: i actually have a poem with 'slime mold dressing gown' in it, to express the false beauty of a judge of christ. The name says much of this piece and ties it all together. Interesting that you interweve the fuligo, the tabanid and the She, the Io, whose grandfather plays upon filth as if he is wrong, as if you know something of him that i don't. What is this? Fascinating. Each trail you leave i follow to the most unsuspecting places.

  • A former member wrote: spore fluted slumber, that hit the spot your style is nice and good to read.

  • Withering petals On Monday, January 9, 2012, Withering petals (69)By person wrote:

    placed me in my own dark and slimy dungeon - left with the repulsive nightmares of your imagery - amazing verbal blows to all of my senses - thank you! ~Withering~

  • Arukar On Tuesday, November 22, 2011, Arukar (11)By person wrote:

    We think in the same ways :p Disgusting poem, but creatively disgusting...even...beautifully disgusting if that can make any sense... I see why this is the poem of the day.

  • A former member wrote: This is the ugliest poem I've ever read. Congratulations. =)

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